Ompliance gaining strategies & reconciliation in romantic relationships

The point of the paper is to summarize research on compliance gaining strategies in specific situations. You should proceed in the following manner. First, identify a situation that is of interest to you. The situation should be fairly specific; rather than address relationships in general, for example, you might ask about the strategies that people use to end or initiate an intimate relationship. Table 8.1 in your text is an excellent place to start if you canat think of any ideas on your own. Second, look for research that has identified specific compliance-gaining strategies in that situation. Youall report on those, so make sure you can find them. And donat hypothesize or otherwise make up your own list of strategies. Once youave selected a topic, your paper should address the following issues:
1. Address both the senderas and targetas goals in this situation. If the research doesnat explicitly mention them, what do you think they are? For example, when having decided to end a relationship, what does the speaker likely wish to accomplish (beyond just ending the relationship)? What would the targetas goals be?
2. What compliance-gaining or resisting strategies have researchers identified in the situation youve chosen? What is the basis for the typology (i.e., what allows them to distinguish between strategies)? Why did they choose it? Is the typology based on theory or is it ad hoc?
3. Does the research identify which strategies are successful? If so, explain why some strategies are better than others in securing compliance. And if not, what strategies do you suspect work best in this situation? Why?
4. Critique the research -what does it do well, and what doesnt it do well? If you were to research compliance gaining in this particular situation, how would you do it? How would you modify the list of strategies and what would be the basis for your modification?1. Have a title page with the title, your ID number (the last 4 digits will suffice), and the date, all on separate lines and centered. Do not put your name; this is a blind review.
2. Begin your text on the second page. Use the following headings with the same formatting (i.e., centered and caps for major words) as appears below:
Introduction The Situation, Goals, and Strategies Critique Conclusion
Hereas a quick set of guidelines for each of the sections:
Introduction: Tell me what you are going to tell me. What is the situation and why is this topic important? What did you find?
The Situation, Goals, and Strategies: This is where you present points 1-3 above in that order. Critique: Point 5 above. Conclusion: Tell me what you told me and remind me why it is important.
3. Start a new page after the conclusion section and label it a?Referencesa? (centered). Then list all of your references according to APA format.
**You dont have to type up the title page, I (Brittany Downey) will do it, but for the 5 sources, they need to be academic articles, studies of compliance strategies people use to reconcile their romantic relationships.