Ompliance report and safety business case: Titanic Cove Resort

Assessment brief summary:
Students will be provided with a detailed case study and will need to:
1. Determine the current level of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) legal compliance
2. Provide recommendations for improved legal compliance, as they relate
to OHS policy and procedures.
3. Identifies the key occupational risks faced by staff in the organisation
and the specific legal requirements for ensuring legal compliance.
4. Assess the level of risk for occupational health and safety risks faced by
5. Develop an action plan for the implementation of recommendations
including all resource requirements and ongoing monitoring.

Report requirements:
Your report needs to:
1. Identify the breaches in Work Health & Safety (WHS) legislation, with specific reference to the legislation that applies in the case study i.e. New South Wales legislation
2. Identify the hazards within the workplace
3. Assess the risks associated with the hazards and determine the priority for risk
4. Identify appropriate management level controls to address non-compliance with
5. Identify the risk controls applying the hierarchy of controls for the identified hazards
6. Conduct a cost benefit analysis that clearly states the costs and benefits associated
with the non-compliance, hazards and recommended controls.
7. Describe the consequences of not improving compliance and managing the workplace

Appendices as a minimum need to include:
1. Risk assessments of the workplace hazards identified [risk assessment matrix and risk
register provided]
2. Action plan for implementation of recommendations [example provided]