Ompose a letter promoting as aspect of Atlantic Cape Community College to a relative, co-worker, or friend.

My goal is for you to compose a sales promotion letter introducing our college to someone you know. You can provide information about our college to a relative, co-worker, neighbor, friend, or former teacher. Choose a specific feature or aspect that our college can offer this individual; for example, financial aid, part-time studies, a specific program, culinary program, child-care, transfer/articulation programs, specialist programs, etc. Please determine and refer to actual college pamphlets, tabloids, brochures, and/or handouts that you would like to accompany your letter.

If you receive an A, B, or C on this project; I will try to mail your letter. You must give me the exact address and correct spelling of the persons name. Please give me permission to sign and initial your name. Remember this is your letter (it is not from the college)–it is from you! Hopefully, I will be able to print your letter on college letterhead paper and your signature line should include the following title line: Technical Communications, Student (under your printed name in the signature section). Begin on line fifteen with the date. Please make sure the enclosures you suggest actually exist and type Enclosure(s) two spaces after your title at the left margin. Letter formats are illustrated in your textbook.

Your due date for this Persuasive Project is listed on our course calendar. If you have any questions about your letter, I will gladly comment. When you submit your Persuasive Project for a grade; however, I will grade it!

I feel you will enjoy writing this realistic and helpful correspondence. It will illustrate your knowledge of the background for business writing and your use of sales psychology.

Remember this letter could assist someone who attends another school who is interested in our summer session, someone who is graduating from high school, or someone you feel should give college a try!

I am looking forward to receiving and reading your letters. Thank you!