Ompose a vignette from a Regular classroom

Answer please all questions in the journal assignment
Use any sources require and use 2 pages if needed more pages please contact me
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Journal Assignment

a?Compose a vignette from a recent classroom or work-related experience. Include an Opening Statement and Description of Context.a?
Please note that the following article relates to the Journal Assignment described here.
a? Shulman, Judith H. and Colbert, Joel A., Eds. a?What is a Vignettea? in The Intern Teacher Casebook. Los Angeles, California: Far West Laboratories, 1988.
The following samples were written by previous students in this course. Youll notice that they vary greatly. Some describe positive outcomes to new challenges. Others describe problematic situations, and how they were dealt with on the spot or during the next meeting, based on some analysis and/or reflection. Others describe a frustrating experience with no sense of what could have gone differently.
While I welcome descriptions of successful teaching experiences to be shared with your fellow students in general , I invite you to dare to write about a situation where you felt challenged and didnt necessarily know how to proceed. Perhaps you tried a particular approach and wish you had been able to come up with alternatives?
In future weeks, you will be given the opportunity to participate in a collegial problem-solving exercise using the vignette as you choose to share it.
In the meanwhile, use your journal entry for this week to begin to flesh this out in your own mind.