Ompose one job application using information from the narrative below. a? A Solicited Job application letter in block format

This is an exercise in identification, composition, and formatting. You will be required to read the narrative below, identify your key information, compose the letter in a persuasive manner, and format it correctly:

My name is Jack S. Turner. Right now I live in Houston in an apartment on Jamison Ave., but not for long if I donat find a job before I finish school. My dream job would be to work as a logistics manager for a major international container shipping line. I canat expect to walk right into this job, so settling for an entry level management position may be within reach. Iall graduate college in December from Rice University with a B.A. in International Business.
I know my experience is pretty close to what companies might want given Iam just finishing school and havenat had much direct experience. I did land an intern position APL Lines the summer of 2008 where I worked in export documentation and created international bills of lading for global accounts. I learned all about shipping lanes, how goods are rated for shipping cost, insurance, arrival times, and even restrictions on goods going to certain countries. During the summer of 2007, I worked at the same shipping line but as a dock worker loading shipping containers. Itas a good thing there is a port in Houston, I would not have been able to learn about commercial merchant ships, the speed, the design, the crew compliment, and loading the containers. I even learned how the ships are loaded using cranes that run alongside the ships, how they are secured for storms at sea, and how they are manifested aboard the ship.
Iam hoping my summer jobs will be enough to land a good entry level position because itas rare to have related skills for your dream career right after you graduate. Both summer experiences really helped me to see that international shipping is more than just filling out paperwork. Thereas a lot to learn when it comes to the actual physical work that is involved, the ships that carry the goods, and the high risk of shipping over the ocean rather than by air. Just wearing a tie or nice trousers looks good, but itas also good to be able to say I loaded the container. I know about commercial ships and ocean travel. In other words, Iave gotten my hands dirty learning from the bottom up.
I bring relevant experience to the table so my dream employer wonat have to worry about training me after I hopefully get hired. Besides, Iam disciplined, energetic, and a quick-learner. Yea, I feel pretty good about myself given the economy. So good, Iall write to the human resource offices in the states at two major container shipping lines line Maersk and Evergreen.