Omposition in the Humanities, How has humanitys use of the written word evolved over time?

The need to comunicate with other people is ingrained into our species. On many platforms, we seek new ways to communicate with others. From cave drawings to socail media, we have sought to record the ways in which we tell our history and our stories. AS A CULMINATING PROJECT FOR COMPOSITION IN THE HUMANITIES, THE RESEARCH PROJECT WILL SEEK TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: hOW HAS HUMANITYS USE OF THE WRITTEN WORD EVOLVED OVER TIME? WITHOUT A DOUBT, DESCRIBING EVOLUTION OF THE WRIITEN WORD MAY SEEM LIKE A DAUNTING TASK, BUT THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINE WILL KEEP YOUR PAPER ORGANIZED…..YOU MUST FOLLOW THIS GUIDE LINE FOR THIS PAPER…1)INVENTION OF CUNEIFORM 2) USE OF SCROLLS AND OTHER HANDWRITTEN MANUSCRIPTS. 3) INVENTION OF THE GUTENBERG PRESS 4) PROLIFERATION OF NEWSPAPERS, PAMPHLETS, AND NOVELS IN THE 16TH 19TH CENTURIES 5) INVENTION OF THE INTERNET AND THE WORLD WIDE WEB…PLEASE USE ALL WEB BASED SOURCES..NO BLOGS..ALL REAL SOURCES. The history of the evolution of the written word spans well over 5,000 years, but each of the five sections covers an important part of that history. In order to fully understand why we write, it is important to understand the history of how communitation in writing evolved.