Omprehending As Well As Critiquing and Valuing Evidence

Read three sources and supply a one-page Review, Critique, Relateappraisal for each, using correct APA reference format.

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The assignment is to choose 3 scholarly articles and write a 1 page Review, Critique and Relate page for each for a total of 3 pages. I copied and pasted the instructions from the professor.

Critique, and
Relate each article.

Each article should be no more than one double-spaced, typed page. The skill is in being able to say thing succinctly. One page for each article read and one page for the Bibliography.

To Review an article is to summarize the highlights of the articlewhere it was conducted, the population studied, how it was conducted, and what the outcomes were. In other wordsthe best of. This section should run approximately half a page.

You can Critique an article from many different perspectives, both positive and negative. On the negative side, you could find that terms were used in the article that were not defined or that a graph would have clearly presented what took two pages to describe with words. On the positive side, perhaps you found the Bibliography at the end of the article up-to-date and helpful. The purpose of this section is to show that you are a discerning reader who can intelligently critique what he/she is reading. This section usually runs for one-quarter of a page.

You can Relate something that you learned from the article to your own career (teacher). This section usually runs for one-quarter of a page.