Omprehensive Assessment and Intervention Plan

Assignment #3 Comprehensive Assessment and Intervention Plan

Length: 5 pages maximum, double spaced with Genogram in Appendix not counted toward total page count. Title page also does not count toward page count.

A comprehensive assessment of the family formed in your work groups. An approach to assessment will be discussed further in class. However, the assessment is to be presented in a professional manner as if the assessment and intervention plan were being placed on a client file, submitted to court or presented to a supervisor.

Outline Example

A. The family description a include names, ages, education, religion, culture [genogram in appendix.]

B. Summary of contacts a a?This family was seen for a total of 7 sessionsa¦a? (as the first session was dedicated to forming and creating family versus actual role-playing)

C. Summary of interventions a On week one the worker starting working with the family. Rapport was established by a¦. The worker wanted to hear each memberas view of what they consider to be the problem that brought them into see the worker. (include theory)a¦. During the session on week threea¦

D. Recommendations for further interventions. These should be directly related to the above assessment and be reasonable and manageable for the family.

Students will base their family assessment on the theories and assessment models presented in class. Include a genogram, family dynamics based on family systems theory, vertical/horizontal stressors, etc. The student will refer to theory throughout their paper. Each paragraph will include at least one reference to theory with the exception of the family description portion.

Comprehensive Assessment & Intervention Plan
Additional Information to Help You Write Your Paper

Outline Example A

As per class outline (p.9), begin by introducing the people in the family including names, ages, employment, personal qualities, culture, religion, marital status, etc. and then go onto discuss each session. Include date of session, session number, who was present and highlight assessment tool used along with a summary of themes or highlights of each session. Bach each paragraph up with theory (excluding family character information paragraphs) with material from Coleman text and Richardson book a no other sources are required for this assignment. Remember that theory guides our work in family assessment and intervention and also as professional social workers. It guides our decision-making. You may choose to include the interventions used in each session at this point, if applicable, or highlight useful interventions and recommendations that may be applicable to individuals, couple (if applicable) and/or the family at the end of the sessions. Each circumstance will be unique. Be sure to include the key elements discussed in class such as the family dynamics as per family systems theory (boundaries, roles, subsystems, triangles, etc.), applicable elements of family categories schema. vertical and horizontal stressors, person in environment context (situational factors), genogram, ecomap, resources, strengths, etc. that will allow you to complete a comprehensive assessment of the family. This is to be presented in a professional manner as if it were to be placed on a client file, submitted to court or presented to a supervisor. Include the agency the family is seeing, as well. Please see p. 9 of class outline for more details such as page length, etc. Plan must be presented in APA style.

Outline Example B

As proposed in class the assessment and intervention plan may also be presented like something similar to what follows. Regardless be sure to use objective, non-judgmental language that would be appropriate to be viewed by the family you are seeing such as a?maya?; a?indicatesa?; a?reportsa? etc. (This is true for example B, as well). Freedom of Information and Privacy legislation is key today and must be respected along with client dignity and self-worth.

Family Assessment and Intervention Plan

Dates of contact and who was present

Reason for referral

Presenting problem a (themes or concerns with link to whole familyas shared concern, if possible; may also include development of presenting issue).

Family History (who is in the family? Ages? Employment? Education? Marriage? Divorce? Etc. Jeannie is a 39 year old Caucasian woman who presently works full-time as a court reported at the Edmonton Courthouse. She is married to Ranjit (45) an East Indian man working as a substitute school teach with the Sherwood Park School system. They married in 1998 after meeting at a friendas house party in Calgary, ab IN 1993. They have three children: Parma (12), Daljit (9) and Ben (2).

Family Dynamics (triangulation, communication, boundaries, roles, rules, subsystems, include strengths and resources, etc.)

Situational Factors a (horizontal and vertical stressors a poverty, racism, classism, strengths, resources, life cycle issues, finances, etca¦etc)

Summary a (ideas of how to make change in this family a individual, marital, parental, boundaries, formal, informal supports, concrete needs, supports. etc.)

As per the previous example all paragraphs are to be supported with relevant theory, with the exception of the information on family members which does not require the inclusion of theory. Please see class outline (p.9) for more information regarding assignment with respect to length, APA style, etc. Plan must be presented in APA style.

Assessment Intervention Marking Grid

Studentas Name ______________________________

Does the student include the following?

A. Content

a? A description of the family (include culture) /1

a? The presenting problem/reason for referral /.5

a? Agency Name /.5

a? Summary of Contacts a including such things as
starting work, genogram, circular patterns, family life cycle and
other assessment tools /3

a? Genogram a detailed with a narrative included /1

a? Eco-map a detailed, with a narrative included /1

a? Summary of Interventions /2

a? Further interventions are included /1


B. Integration of Theory and Critical Indepth Analysis

a? Does the student include relevant and appropriate theory as
relevant to their PBL group. /10

a? a? a? a? a? a? a? a? a? a?

a? a? a? a? a? a?

a? Does the student include a critical analysis of families functioning?
(dynamics, rules, norms, patterns, strengths) /10

a? Are the recommendations for further interventions appropriate?
Did the student include what they would do to keep the change
going? /5


C. Writing

a? Appropriate APA a?
a? Writing is free of spelling and grammar error a?
a? Writing flows and is easy to read and comprehend a?
a? The theory naturally flows into the paper a?
a? Organization of paper a?


Over-all comments: