Omprehensive Australian Programme of law reform


Construct an argument around the following topic:

Since 2002, governments across Australia have undertaken a comprehensive programme of law reform to improve the cost and availability of the tortuous liability cases. Jurisdictions introduced reforms progressively from 2002 to 2006, with each jurisdiction taking into account its own circumstances. However, these reforms were broadly consistent with the recommendations of the Review of the Law of Negligence (the Ipp review).

The law reforms fall into three categories, dealing with:
- Establishing liability a changes to the law governing decisions on liability, including contributory negligence and proportionate liability.
- Damages a changes to the amount of damages paid to an injured person for personal injury or for a claim for economic loss against a professional.
- Procedural reforms a time limits and methods for making and resolving claims, including court procedures, legal conduct and legal costs

Discuss in general terms the type of reforms in each of the categories listed above and describe how these reforms have impacted on the health system at a clinical and an administrative level taking into account the challenges faced by health services managers in delivering high quality safe services in a highly regulated environment.