Omprehensive Classroom Management Plan: Engaging Instruction

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For this weeks Application, create a subfolder (and binder tab) in your Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan called Engaging Instruction.When saving this assignment on your computer, title the document Engaging Instruction.However, when submitting this assignment, use the assignment naming convention specified below.

Classroom Management Through Engaging Instruction

Maintaining student engagement in instruction and learning is paramount to preventing disruptive or off-task behaviors, but there are many reasons why students are unwilling or unable to participate. Chapter 7 of the course text presents some of these reasons and describes 12 student academic needs that, when met, support student engagement and achievement. In this assignment, you will develop a plan to incorporate instructional strategies that meet students academic needs and enhance students ability and willingness to participate in classroom activities. To strengthen and enhance your skill in using the instructional strategies, you will implement one of the instructional strategies with a group of students and reflect on the results.

For this assignment, complete the following steps:
Step 1: Using the form* provided below, select six of the student academic needs described in Chapter 7 of the course text that you would like to focus on for your students. For each Student Academic Need you identified, describe the Instructional Strategy you will implement to increase student engagement in instruction and learning. Write a brief Rationale for each of the choices you made in your plan. In your rationale for each instructional strategy, explain how the strategy you selected will help you increase student engagement in instruction and learning and minimize off-task or disruptive behavior.

Step 2: Implement one of the instructional strategies in a learning activity with a group of students.

Step 3: Following the implementation, use the provided form* to describe the instructional strategy you implemented and write a reflection (4i??5 paragraphs) describing the results of the implementation. In your reflection, address the following questions:
i??What instructional strategy did you implement with students?
i??What were the academic needs you were hoping to meet?
i??How effective was this strategy at maximizing student engagement and minimizing disruptive or off-task behaviors?
i??Based on the results of this one-time implementation, how will you integrate the strategy into your instruction in the future?

Classroom Management Through Engaging Instruction (MS Word document)
* This graphic organizer has been provided for you as a sample, but you are not required follow this format. Be sure, however, that the organizer you use includes all required components for this assignment.

Suggested assignment length: 3i??4 pages

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