Omprehensive Classroom Management Plan: Rules and Procedures

Application: Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan: Rules and Procedures

For this weeks Application, create a subfolder (and binder tab) in your Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan called Rules and Procedures. When saving this assignment on your computer, title the document Outline. However, when submitting this assignment, use the assignment naming convention specified below.

Rules and Procedures: An Outline for the Beginning of the School Year
Refer to Figure 6.11 in Chapter 6 of the course text. This figure describes major components of classroom management that, when mapped out prior to the beginning of the school year, will help you anticipate and prevent potential problems in your classroom. With this list in mind, reflect on the strategies and guidelines for developing and implementing effective goals, rules, and procedures that you explored in this weeks Learning Resources.

Complete the following steps to develop your outline for the beginning of the school year:

Select three components that are most likely to be an area of maximum impact for your students. Using the form* provided below, identify the three components you selected.
For each component, explain your behavioral goals for students.
Next, using strategies and guidelines from the Learning Resources, describe what you will do (Teacher Behaviors) and what you will ask students to do (Student Rules and Procedures) to ensure that students can successfully meet your goals for behavior and learning.
You must use APA. Your must use resources provided. Please use to check work

Finally, write a brief rationale (2i??3 paragraphs) for the choices you made in your plan. Explain how your plan will help prevent disruptive or unsafe behavior in your classroom.
Note: Your written rationale must follow APA guidelines.

Outline for the Beginning of the School Year (MS Word document)
* This graphic organizer has been provided for you as a sample, but you are not required to follow this format. Be sure, however, that the organizer you use includes all required components for this assignment.

Suggested assignment length: 1i??2 pages