Omprehensive financial document for a small health care organization

The major course deliverable for NURS 6305 is the preparation of a comprehensive budget for a small health care organization. The document should demonstrate your understanding of certain budget concepts and their application. If you took the HSA introductory course, NURS 6224 with me anytime within the past four years, you already have the rudiments of this assignment. I recommend you pull it out, review it and make the further enhancements to reflect your new learning in this course and others since you completed it in your first semester in the Health Systems Administration Program. Please also feel free to start anew.

The Comprehensive Finance Document (CFD) must include support for your requests and other budgetary initiatives. The CFD should be realistic and rational as it relates to the size of the facility, level of acuity, the number of beds, ADC, LOS, Turnover rate, RN to Patient Ratio, etc, .of your organization.