Omprehensive Philosophic Statement & Functional Statement

There are two things I need in this paper. 1.) Comprehensive Philosophic Statement 2.) Functional specific philosophic statement. In Comprehensive statement develop a written progression of philosophy, which includes a statement of personal philosophy and professional philosophy. The steps in this process will include: analyzing the importance of philosophy for the students intended profession, the nature of the profession s clientele, and the mission of the profession. I faxed over a packet with my email address on it so that you can see clear examples of what I am looking for. (2) In functional specific philosophic statement develop a written statement geared to a specific context or purpose. This would include defending physical education in a school district, writing a philosophic statement for an athletic policy manual, or writing an oath for an activity related profession. Pick one I don t care which one whatever is easiest to do for you. Again I faxed over a packet that has clear examples of this also. Thank you. I will fax everything tomorrow just to let you know which will be Jan 25.