Omprehensive Proposal for the Development of an Early Childhood Education Program

Comprehensive Proposal for the Development of an Early Childhood Education Program

The completed project is designed to be a comprehensive proposal for the development of an early childhood education program. The project must be 8-10 pages in length and include at least 4 sources in addition to the text.

This project is divided into five mandatory sections:

Section 1:

Title page
Program Overview, which includes Program Centeras:
Type of center
Hours of operation
Ages of children served
Summary of how this center fills a need in the community in which it is located
Section 2:

Program Centers Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Educational Philosophy which includes a summary of the child development theory on which this philosophy is based
Curriculum Model and a complete explanation as to how this curriculum model supports the centeras Vision, Mission, and Educational Philosophy
Section 3:

Description of the program centeras classroom and playground environment (including specifics of how the facilityas design supports a childas growth and development)
A comprehensive summary of strategies for inclusive practices
Section 4:

Teacher position description which includes teacher qualifications and position responsibilities
Staff professional growth plan
Description of the program centeras discipline policy
Plan for staff/family communication including orientation, daily exchanges, and monthly communication
Description of assessment process used to document childrenas progress
Section 5:

A service to children policy and procedure for child/staff ratio and optimal class size (maximum class size)
One health and safety policy and procedure for either the management of injuries/emergencies or nutrition and food handling
Strategy for program evaluations and an evaluation tool developed to support this strategy
You must include four references, in addition to the textbook. All references must be cited in the paper as well as the reference page.

You wrote that past 4 papers and assigments. I need this term paper to incorporate those writings. I can send these papers to via email if needed. Thanks