Omprehensive Technical Analysis Project

1- I want to write a brief history of TOYOTA, a publicly traded company in Nasdaq, half of page to compare it with GM, a competitor company within the same industry. Using the information learned (up to now and also future modules) in the course, analyze the selected entityas financial statements and compare them to the competitor.
3- Another source for financial information (free) is Yahoo finance. you can find free informaiton at

4- A large part of the paper is understanding and communicating your results. How do you know of a company is doing well unless you compare it to another company and also the industry?
Use the Ch 10 Summary Analysis Nike, Inc. as a guideline for your comprehensive paper. You must use the FinSAS: Financial Statement Analysis Spreadsheet that is provided at the Textbook Student Companion website for your analysis. FinSAS allows you to perform analysis on any set of financial statements using the ratios covered in the text. Downloadable in Excel, FinSAS can save you hours of number crunching, allowing you to concentrate on analysis and interpretation.

Analyze the company using the tools in the text and other outside sources (without collaboration). Outside sources mean newspaper articles, company websites, etc. You may use outside sources to supplement your analysis. However, your primary source of information must be the textbook. Be sure to cite your sources within your paper. Be sure to specify, based on your evaluation, why or why not the company is a good investment opportunity. Write your paper in APA format, double spaced, and free of fluff and with section headings. Make sure you support your recommendations.

Your paper must be uploaded to the eCollege Dropbox and must include two files: 1) a Word document of your write-up, and 2) the FinSAS Excel spreadsheet of your financial analysis. Include page numbers and your name on the papers.

This is the order:

– analyze the financial statement
– cover basic information
– analyze company to purchase a company or make a recommendation. Supportive documentation. Why or why not?

– compare Toyota and compare to GM and then compare them to the Industry. To have a better insight
– 3 paragraphs background about Toyota half of page.
– Financial operations for Toyota and GM .
– three ratios for each category and some summary, the ratios for example: what liquidity, profitability and long term debt-paying ability mean? good or bad? Good investment. Look at the industry and compare it with the industry. Choose the same ratios with the industry. Compare it and compare it to GM and industry
itas a bad investment because more receivable or? Sales receivable takes forever to get? Lot of debt, interest expenses.? Etc or some other reasons.