Ompromise and Obedience: The Two Main Virtues of Organizational Life

Theory Essay is to be done on only one of the two virtue we are studying in this unit: Compromise or Obedience.
The numbered clusters that follow just represent idea areas. The questions in them are separable. You dont have to literally address one whole cluster in your paper.

1. When ought we disobey? See if the principles that support obedience loyalty to the organization, proprietary interest, etc. might themselves direct one in extreme situations toward disobedience. Is civil disobedience in the final analysis a form of obedience?Distinguish between genuine and ungenuine civil disobedience.
2. Is Obedience a Virtue? In contemporary culture, obedience is not way up on the totem pole of respected or heroic qualities. Why do we worship the maverick, the lone wolf? What can we really accomplish on our own? Isnt the greatness of our species all tied up in our socialness, in what we accomplish together, in groups? If so, how would it not be that obedience is one of our paramount virtues, a sign of true moral heroism?
3. Is compromise an unconditional virtue?
It seems pretty clear that obedience, at least in its most obvious form*, is not an unconditional virtue. There are times when it is wrong or even criminal to obey an order. Can we conclude similarly that there are times when we ought not compromise? Or, to the contrary, is compromise an unconditional obligation? Is there no such thing as Civil non-compromise”?