OMPSTAT and ILP–Intelligence-led Policing


********In Chapter 10 of the book Intelligence-Led Policing Ratcliffe defines the ten yardsticks for intelligence-led policing. Using these attached 10 yardsticks and the attached papers on COMPSTAT, answer the following 2 questions:

Exam Questions

1) Does COMPSTAT meet the requirements of an intelligence-led policing program? If so how and if not why not?

2) Can COMPSTAT ever be the basis for an intelligence led policing initiative?

*******A very important note to the writer, this is very important.
When writing this paper, please note that 3 of the articles, i.e. (1) COMPSTAT DesignFBI, (2) COMPSTAT ImplementationFBI (3) COMPSTAT ProcessFBI contain information that is propaganda, although they provide some detail. However, in the early stages of development for any new program, some of what is written has to promote the movement. And that was the issue with COMPSTAT. The NYPD used it as a tool for reducing crime in the city. COMPSTAT actually had an impact on fighting crime. Was it the be all and end all, no, but it played a significant role in the process. The U.S. Federal Government bought into the idea and also helped to promote the program, and there was even a TV show built around the concept. The idea of COMPSTAT is a good one because it uses information for decision making. In order to get some agencies and people to understand its benefits there has to be some promotion in the form of propaganda.
You must take note of this important factor when writing the paper.

**So, in answering the question, as to whether COMPSTAT can ever be the basis for an intelligence led policing initiative, please weigh heavily on the propaganda used on the 3 FBI articles on COMPSTAT.

**Also, please remember that to write the paper, you MUST also use the 10 yardsticks from the text book as well as all the other articles attached. For your convenience, I have attached 3 pages containing the 10 yardsticks for intelligence-led policing from the textbook. Please do not use any outside sources. I have attached everything you will need to finish this paper.


Dont use citations

Due Date is: 4/05/2011