Omptuter technology and todays children (CAN CHANGE IT UP OR NARROW IT DOWN IF NEEDED)

1. Annotated Bibliography

As part of your preparation for your final research paper, you ll be required to find, read and summarize at least 10 articles in your area of interest. You ll submit your research in the form of an Annotated Bibliography. This assignment not only improves your critical reading and summarization skills, it helps you familiarize yourself with scholarship in your field while mastering appropriate bibliographic format. NEED 10 SOURCES

3. Outline

Your outline forms the basis of your research for the academic essay. Writing the outline allows you to organize the structure your research findings to make your resulting research paper easy for readers to follow. You ll capture the essences of the question asked in your area of interest in this document. Finally, the outline allows you to discover gaps or areas in need of further development in your topic area.

4. Final Research Project

Write a research paper on an important professional or academic subject. You should use seven or more sources, most of which are academic or professional, rather than popular (Time, U.S. News & World Report, and so on). If possible, integrate international sources and viewpoints into your paper. If appropriate, include source material such as charts, maps, and images. Your instructor will provide guidance about the appropriate documentation formats for this paper.