Omputational Intelligence in Industry: Multivariate statistical process control

You are required to develop a Research Proposal (Written Report with maximum of 7 A4 pages (Times New Roman; Font Size 12)) along the following lines:

Topic: Computational Intelligence in Industry: Multivariate statistical process control
Title page
1. Abstract  a brief summary covering
a. The nature of the problem and why it is important
b. Overall objectives of proposed research
c. Outline of Methodologies to be used
2. Introduction
a. Statement of the problem
b. Research being proposed
3. Background
Review of related literature.
4. Proposed work
a. Statement of the aims/objectives
b. Hypothesis/Rationale
c. Methodology
d. Preliminary Design of System/Preliminary Results
5. Summary
a. What is the significance of the research?
b. What is its original contribution?
Bibliography Section

Assessment Criteria (for written report)
1) Written Report clearly structured
2) Standard of English: readable and written in your own words
3) The Abstract can be read in isolation to provide a summary of the paper
4) The Introduction sets the scene for the proposed research
5) Aims and objectives are clear
6) The methodology and preliminary design is appropriate
7) Summary highlights the contribution/originality of the research
8) Suitable references are cited and used appropriately within the paper