Omputer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) Practice

AutoCAD Portfolio
Students will make a sketch of the kitchen, and the bedroom where they live, showing its
general layout, and the location of fixtures and fittings and furniture as well as reasonable
level of details. They will then need to measure the width, length, height of the rooms, and
take enough dimensions to be able to locate doors, windows, radiators, etc. Then sketches
of two main cross sections (i.e. a wall with a window and/or door, etc) will be drawn. The
sketches should be clean and clear, and should be accompanied by notes and dimensions,
sufficient for the students to be able to draw them up to scale, using AutoCAD. The students
should also photograph both the room and the kitchen, print out and attach photos in the

Whilst carrying out the measured survey, the fabric of the building should be examined and
the students should work out how it is constructed and of what materials. They may need to
make some a?educated guessesa about the building materials and components for drawing up
AutoCAD drawings should be laid out on an A2 paper, using proper line thicknesses and font
sizes, titled, labelled, and annotated, then neatly and adequately folded to A4 size
accompanied by the hand sketches, notes, and photos in another fastback transparent
folder. Here is the checklist for the drawings required to be included in the drawing
1.1. plan of bedroom 1:50
1.2. 2 sections of bedroom 1:50
1.3. plan of kitchen 1:50
1.4. 2 sections of kitchen 1:50
1.5. Wall section (ground to roof external wall) 1:20

ACAD portfolio: this is an AutoCAD drawing portfolio on A2 format folded to A4 and forming
a part of the coursework. The drawings need to be accompanied by a CD containing all the
AutoCAD files. ACAD portfolio comprises of different component as will be explained later in
this document and the marks are broken down accordingly.