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Hi :) This is my assignment about the Semantic Web discussion. (Ill upload the course lessons which is related to this topic, could you include these sources as well? )

Using specific supporting examples from your coursework, personal knowledge, and experience, do you personally think the Semantic Web as presented in the article(s) you read is:

1. possible (technological perspective) to create?
2. likely to be created (economic or political perspective)?
3. desirable (philosophical or social perspective)?

* Tips : You will want to be very focused on what each part of the question above is asking for. Your response should respond to each aspect appropriately. In the Technologicalresponse, incorporate specific technologies. In the Economicresponse, incorporate costs or savings, for example. In the Politicalresponse, address specific examples (pro/con) relevant to the political consideration of such a potentially disruptive technology. In the Philosophical/socialresponse, provide support that reflects the human or societal impacts. This assignment asks you to assemble information from your course work (readings, labs, assignments) and your own experience to support your opinions on the question. Remember the topics weve covered!

Be specific! You should be able to cite 3 (or more) technologies or aspects of Web technology to support each of your responses.

Identify your sources if an article, say which one. If a course activity, identify which and be sure that its relevant.


To do this, should read about

1. very short W3schools Semantic Web Tutorial: semantic-web4.htm
3. Read (or watch or listen to) the following pieces and use it in the essay

ISWC07 Presentation (2007): Barney Pell: POWERSET-Natural Language and the Semantic Web (ISWC07; xml/blog/2005/09/sparql_web_20_meet_the_semanti.html)
Soenke Ziesche (2006): Semantic Wikis and Disaster Relief Operations (; 13/semantic-wikis-and-disaster-relief-operations.html)