Omputer Assisted Cognitive Remediation for People with Aquired Brain Injury

Please do not just write a book report or summaries of the articles I provide. Please also, NO COPY AND PASTE from abstracts. I will be running the final draft through turnitin software so any and all plagiarism will be identified. With all that out of the way, thank you to the writer for taking on this part of my literature review. Here are some topics for your paragraphs:

Problem Solving
Executive Function
Computer-Assisted Cognitive Remediation for acquired brain injury
Technology as a means of occupational therapy
Adaptive Technology for people with cognitive deficits

These are just a few ideas but feel free to add anything you find in the literature. All articles must be from peer-reviewed sources and must be no older than 2002. Please utilize the articles I will attach to the order. Writer, please contact me as I can help you with your literature search and please do not hesitate to let me know if you need some direction. If you do a good job, I will be requesting you for the next year as I work on my thesis. If English is your second languagedo not even take this job. Please include a reference page. Thanks again for all your help.