Omputer-Based Applications in Aviation Education

Research Paper Guidelines

1. Paper topic is about: Computer-based applications in aviation education

2. The aviation education research paper is an integrated research paper, which addresses a specific aviation education/training activity in which you have been involved. The research should be based upon developing a strategy or method of teaching or implementing a course in aviation education, taking into consideration needs assessment, instructional design. Special attention should be given to explaining the foundations of educational decision-making with reference to the history and philosophy, which has been taught in ASCI 550. The paper is limited to 12 to 15 pages, typed and double spaced with references. Use the Hunt Library References databases and find around 10 or recent (within the last 15 years) articles for scholarly research on your review of the issues. The Embry-Riddle Hunt Library has one of the most complete collections of aviation-related material. The link to the Hunt library is index.html. This library also provides Web links to aviation, aerospace, and business resources.

The link to the library basic training is body of content/summary, 12 font, double space, and please do not plagiarize my instructor uses turn-it-in software to detect such things. This paper is worth 30% of my grade. Used APA format in the paper and most especially in References and works cited.

4. Academic Integrity

Plagiarism: is defined as presenting as one s own the ideas, words, or products of another. Plagiarism includes use of any source to complete academic assignments without proper acknowledgement of the source.

5. See message board for article about APA Guide in Term Paper and Sample Term Paper and Formatting.

6. Please follow the guide to writing the research paper (APA format). See attachments in message board.