Omputer changes and improvements relate to human needs

I want you to use whatever research skills you currently have and whatever internet search tools you are familiar with to find just two online sources of the following types:

Article #1: an entry from Wikipedia (or another general encyclopedia) that relates to your chosen topic CURRENT URL: Main_Page
Article #2: an article of reasonable length (e.g. news report, blog piece, etc.) related to your topic Look for articles at least 500 words in length, so that you have enough to summarize

You may take the notes for the main body in any way that you wish, with the following constraints:
Make sure that your notes contain a summary at the beginning or end that is all in your own words
Please include at least 2 complete sentences of directly quoted text,
Indicate using quotation marks, a parenthetical or in-text citation and a page or paragraph number
After you have included these two sentences, include the word PARAPHRASED: and then your own, original paraphrase of the information in those two sentences. Your paraphrase should use different words, sentence structure, and phrasing to ensure that it does not too closely resemble the original.

*-Two pages: each article for one page.
***There are example in the last two pages of attached file. Please look at it before you write.