Omputer Forensics What is the single most advantageous asset to digital forensics to date

Write a research essay exploring the single most advantageous asset to digital forensics to date. The asset may be a specific process, model, method, technology, software, algorithm, policy or law that has benefited digital forensic investigations. The essay must be coherent, logically structured, and depict a well thought out argument with supportive references. The task is open-ended and requires you to consider what has improved digital forensics investigations in a positive manner. You are being assessed on your ability to review a vast amount of literature and formulate a well-structured argument in favour of a particular point.

Added on 28.04.2015 22:37
A few things to note:

You are researching a single digital forensic asset of your choice depending on research you find.
Please the references must validate the advantages of the asset and how they have improved digital forensics in anyway.
Additionally, please provide example criminal/public law cases that the forensic asset has been used in.