Omputer Industry : a more in-depth analysis of the top social or environmental issues and your recommendations for the company to address this issue

there is no limit to the number of resources that you can use.

chose the most important social/environmental issue in the computer industry and do the following: (one that is not control over free speech or the treatment of labor)

a? Briefly summarize the issue and explain why the management of a company in this industry should care about the issue. How can this issue affect the companyas strategy?
a? Identify the different stakeholders that have a stake in this issue. What are their interests and what action are they likely to take?
a? Provide examples of what other companies in the industry have done (or not done) about this issue and what the consequences have been.
a? Provide detailed recommendations about how the new company should address this issue. What are some approaches or steps the company can take to prepare itself to meet the challenges posed by this issue? What programs or policies could the company adopt?
Your report should have an introduction and a conclusion. Remember to use APA-style citations and include a list of references in alphabetical order.