Omputer Information System Business Analytics

The volume, variety and velocity of data is rapidly increasing.i??i?? Roughly 4 exabytes of data are created each day on the internet.i?? Companies like Wal-Mart collect more than 2.5 Petabytes of data every hour from their customer transactions alone.i??i?? However, putting that data to use to drive business success is a challenge.i?? Successful business analytics projects need to overcome the i??company skepticsi?? who will question if big data can improve business performance and the ingrained business culture of i??managing from the guti??.i??

Review the case study posted here and and from the project Determine the key organizational practices that helped these organizations overcome resistance and drive success and answer these following questions:

1. Identify onei??successfuli??business analytics project from the listed case studies. What project practices were proven advantageous for the projecti??s success?
2. What is the most important reason that big data analytics has worked for this company?
3. From your past and current experience, where else do you think this practice of deploying analytics would work?
4.List one question about successfully implementing analytics projects that you still have.

This is a Discussion not an essay or a research paper and it does not need an APA format just answer the questions.