Omputer Science Fitness System Information System

” Create a plan for systems development. It should be 25002700 words in length and formatted according to APA guidelines (for each cited material, author and date should follow). Your final project is a Systems Development Plan. It is based on Problem-Solving Exercise #1 in Ch. 8 (p. 338-339) in Fundamentals of Information Systems. Create a plan for systems development according to the fitness center specifications in the exercise.

Problem-Solving Exercise #1 (p. 338-339)
1. You are developing a new information system for The Fitness Center, a company that has five fitness centers in your metropolitan area, with about 650 members and 30 employees in each location. This system will be used by both members and fitness consultants to track participation in various fitness activities, such as free weights, volleyball, swimming, stair climbers, and yoga and aerobic classes. One of the performance objectives of the system is that it helps members plan a fitness program to meet their particular needs. The primary purpose of this system, as envisioned by the director of marketing, is to assist The Fitness Center in obtaining a competitive advantage over other fitness clubs.
Use word processing software to prepare a brief memo to the required participants in the development team for this systems development project. Be sure to specify what roles these individuals will play and what types of information you hope to obtain from them. Assume that the relational database model will be the basis for building this system. Use a database management system to define the various tables that will make up the database.

” Address the following points in your plan:

1. Introduction

a. Define the purpose of the information system and its alignment with company goals.

b. Address the roles of the people who will be involved in the project.

2. Plan

a. Outline the considerations for systems investigation.

b. Outline the steps for systems analysis.

c. Outline the steps for systems design.

d. Create guidelines for a systems review and maintenance schedule.

e. Determine a sequence of activities.

3. Conclusion

a. Create an announcement of the new system roll out that includes the benefits to users.