Omputer Science Information System; DSS (decision Support System)

” Choose a decision support systems (DSS) function that will be applicable to your final project.

***My final project is on developing a new information system for a Fitness Center, a company that has five fitness centers in my metropolitan area, with about 650 members and 30 employees in each location. This system will be used by both members and fitness consultants to track participation in various fitness activities, such as free weights, volleyball, swimming, stair climbers, and yoga and aerobic classes. One of the performance objectives of the system is that it helps members plan a fitness program to meet their particular needs. The primary purpose of this system, as envisioned by the director of marketing, is to assist The Fitness Center in obtaining a competitive advantage over other fitness clubs.

” Write a paper demonstrating the application of your chosen DSS to a specific problem or
set of problems. It should be 550-700 words in length, formatted according to APA guidelines,
and include the role of the following components of a DSS as they pertain to your system:

o description of the situation

o intended users

o database

o model base