Omputer Science: The Underlying Processes

As we mentioned, the cases each Module will emphasize various aspects of one consistent technology -wireless access to IT. For this Module, your task will be to learn some basic things about the science and knowledge that underlies it. In the process, youll be learning some general things about how the field of computer science contributes to the world of the IT manager, professional, and user.

As your Case Assignment, you are to prepare a 3 page paper on the following topic:

Major recent knowledge advances in computer science and related areas that affect use of wireless”

Here youre not being asked to take one or another position, but just to summarize your research into this question. Youll find some things out and miss others; dont make this more complicated than it is. Theres no single magic advance that you have to find, but there are lots of possibilities. Just do your research, decide which are most important according to your criteria, and write your report accordingly.

Your paper should follow this general outline:

summary description of the major knowledge advances involved in wireless information systems, and your reasons for considering them to be most important.

effects of these knowledge advances on our ability to use wireless, and why

major issues that are currently unresolved and under study

things and circumstances affecting our ability to conduct further research in wireless computing

Dont forget your cover sheet and appropriate references to any materials that you consult in preparing your paper. See the Style Sheet for guidance.

Required readings for the paper include: Research website:

Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (2004) Computer Science: Reflections on the Field, Reflections from the Field. National Academy of Sciences Press. Available online at 5/07 from 07 from babel.html

Omputer Science: The Underlying Processes

Specifically, for the Session Long Project for this Module, you are to review:

This website:

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Founded in 1947, ACM is a major force in advancing the skills of information technology professionals and students worldwide. Today, our 80,000 members and the public turn to ACM for the industrys leading Portal to Computing Literature, authoritative publications and pioneering conferences, providing leadership for the 21st century.”

You should do the following:

Look over the range of articles and other resources linked there.

Follow up links that interest you. In general, become familiar with its contents.

Pay special attention on the subject of this module and learn as much as you can.

Look over the career links. Anything interest you? Any interesting themes there?

Then write your 3 to 4 pages review (not counting the cover page). The general format valid for such reviews in ALL your SLPs is:

A short summary description of its structure, purpose, pros and cons a comprehensive discussion on what you learn from this website regarding the subject of this module (at least half of your write-up should be devoted to this discussion).

You can choose to provide a general review, or focus on one theme of your most interest. Links there that you find helpful to follow up why you will or will not find it a useful addition to your professional resources list any other things about the site that you find salient and worth noting to others bottom-line evaluation of its value to you in this program