Omputer Sciense: Professional Ethics Essay

One of the defining characteristics of professionals in any field is that they are ethical. As a computer science or information systems professional, you will be expected to be ethical in all your dealings with your employer, your fellow employees, your customers, your competitors, and the general public.

You will submit an 8-page (double spaced) paper on a topic relating to professional ethics for computer scientists. For example, you may write about a topic discussed in class, a topic you find on the internet, or an ethical situation you or someone you know faced during a computer science job. Since the paper must be at least eight pages long, it should probably be on some topic where the ethical decisions are not obvious.

The paper must be written entirely by you. Any parts of the paper you get from the internet or any other source must be appropriately referenced and do not count towards the required eight pages. You should cite at least two non-Internet sources (books, newspapers, magazines, journals, speeches).

You can find case studies here: se/code.htm)
3. What legal and ethical guidelines apply? (See code.htm)
4. What are the possible courses of action the computer scientist(s) could take in this situation? What could result from each course of action?
5. What action would you take and why?
4. Be sure to cite references appropriately and to write appropriately.