Omputer Security, 2 actual examples of where Security has failed (detailed description below)

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First, let me start by saying thank you once again for providing your services…I have used them once before so my level of confidence in your ability to assist has improved. That being said, I would still very much like to remain in contact with my writer during the timeframe I have provided to complete this assignment (I would like to have the final copy to review and revise by 21 May 2011).

The topic is relatively simple…

Computer Security, 2 actual examples of where Security has failed because of factors identified from my text as case studies, and then analyzed.

For example I could select a Worm Attack on the Internet and a case where credit card records have been stolen by outside hackers (such as the recent Sony PS3 security debacle, which if possible I would like to use as one of my examples). Additional examples could include the theft of guarded intellectual property, or hacker exploitation which has resulted in costly damages to a company or corporations systems.

I need to explain the background of each case sufficiently, that the specific security issues are apparent, analyze what I feel Went wrong(in terms of what I have learned), and propose future recommendations that will serve to prevent such breaches in the future.

(Note…if you would like to send me examples of cases prior to writing feel free and I will make suggestions as well…also, please fill me in on the Thesis once you have this portion completed…thanks)

If experts have published opinions on the cases, I could present their findings and explain why I agree or disagree with their analyses (please include at least one diagram, if at all possible demonstrating my (our…your :)) findings…ftr, this is not a requirement, but it could be helpful).

The key to this assignment is to demonstrate my understanding of the research revolving around the topic of poor computer security, not to reword my readings and information I find on the breaches and simply present empty, boring facts.

This paper (a minimum of 2000 WORDS) needs to be written in APA style guide, 6th edt., and I require a minimum of 10 references (peer-reviewed).

Finally and more IMPORTANTLY…will we be using something called to submit this paper project to generate an originality report. That being said, it is vital that I meet the following requirements prior to submission…

**The originality report per must be less than a 15% match

**If this site matches more than 40%, we will be subject to academic reporting.

FYR, my paper will be graded on the following categories:

a?Focus/Thesis 5 pts
a?Content/Subject Knowledge 10 pts
a?Organization of Ideas/Format 5 pts
a?Writing Conventions (Grammar and Mechanics) 5 pts

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