Omputer Security: Assignment 2 Seminar paper

This work should be done in Microsoft Words, and then converted to Power-Point for a presentation should be for 10-15 minutes so you do not need to put everything from word in to the presentation.

i will upload the assignment brief for you, read carefully..

when completed send the work in WORDS AND POWER-POINT,

The length of your paper should be 2000 words.

You are to prepare and present a seminar paper to the rest of your group on a network associated topic.

Choose one of the following topics for producing your seminar paper.
Each topic covers a range of modern network use and development.
You may select one aspect of your chosen area for your final topic and this should be reflected within the title. The final wording is open to negotiation and you may suggest a suitable topic of your own, subject to discussion and approval by your tutor.

You must confirm your choice of topic by email to ….org by the end of week three.
The choice of topic should be supported by an initial abstract outlining:
the problem (supporting an appropriate title)
the area/scope of investigation
what the results will achieve

The seminar papers must be handed in by the end of week 10, so that they may be copied for presentation in weeks 12 & 13. An electronic copy must be emailed to ….org at the same time.

Each seminar paper will be presented to your seminar group allowing 15 minutes for the presentation and questions.

The length of your paper should be 2000 words.