Omputer Security or Ethical Issue (see Laudon & Laudon text below)

Text: : Laudon, K. & Laudon, J. (2010). Essentials of Management Information Systems (9th edition or newer). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. ISBN-10: 0136110991. (chapters on MIS security and ethics)

***Need multiple references for paper. Could not change on request. Customer service stated to include this information in the instructions instead.***

a. Executive Summary: Please write a one-page summary that provides an overview of the entire contents of your paper. This is designed for the busy member of your audience who wants a high-level overview of your paper.
b. Introduction: State your main idea or theme. Include any motivation you had for doing additional research on the topic (other than this paper being a requirement for the class). Include any misconceptions you had about the topic prior to researching it.
c. Current Situation: Provide information from your literature review here. You can provide citings from a historical perspective (how did this issue evolve) as well as providing a real life example or anecdote of a situation that you read about while doing your research. List the impact as well as costs (quantitative as well as qualitative) of the actual situation. (***Need more than one reference***)
d. Options: Provide some options that either individuals or companies have in more proactively and positively dealing with the issue you identified. Provide advantages and disadvantages of the options you list, to include real and social a?costsa?.
e. Recommendations: If you were a consultant researching this issue for a company or group of individuals, what would your recommendations be? Make sure your recommendations are supported by the literature as well as factual information you presented in your Options section.
f. Bibliography: Provide a listing of the books, articles and/or internet literature you reviewed and included as part of your paper. You may include footnotes either at the bottom of the page or at the end of your paper as a?End Notesa? for any quotes you use in your paper.

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