Omputer Systems and How They Work in Healthcare

This is supposed to be an Interview”… I dont have time to do an interview! I need to Interviewsomone in the community that knows about the computer systems that are being used in the healthcare community. What types of networks are being used, including protocols and topologies.

The Headings should be as follows:

Network Typeidentify the type and structure of your network. Discuss how users connect to it. If your network is connected to a larger MAN or WAN, identify these broader networks. Add references to support your statements describing the network.

Potential ImprovementsWithin this section, identify areas within your organization that might benefit from network technology changes. Pay special attention to wireless opportunities, as well as mobile devices.

Health Care Provider NeedsAssess your needs as a health care provider, or those of the person you interviewed, and write it up in this area.

Future ImprovementsDetermine where you feel networking technologies can be put in place to help you provide optimal care. In your role as a futurist in health care, briefly describe the most significant change that you think will come about in the next 5 to 10 years as a result of information technology.

*Referencing, a cover page, citation, and a reference page need to be included. No abstract is necessary.