Omputer Use and Copyright Policies and Regulations

Evaluation of Policies: Locate published examples of computer usage policies and copyright (use of copyrighted material) policies that are in actual use at institutions.

You must evaluate two examples of each type of policy (four total). All four must
come from different institutions. Identify areas of the policies that relate to persons with disabilities or diverse populations. Use research related to these types of policies in your evaluation.

a? Creation of Policies: Based on your research of policies, create a computer usage policy and a copyright policy for your place of employment. The place of employment is a college University. Basically this is just a blending of policies that you have researched and making it your Own
a? Justification of Policies: explain why you wrote each policy the way you did. Use research to justify your final products.
The evaluation and justification portions will comprise a 3-5-page paper. The policies you create will be treated as appendices and are not counted in the 3-5 pages. The completed project should have the following sections::
1. Paper: 3-5 pages, evaluation and justification of policies.
2. References: Minimum2 policies, 2 copyright statements, 2 journal articles
3. Policies you create.

The submission should have
One-inch margins all the way around the page.
Use a san-serif, 12-point font such as Arial or Helvetica.
Use single spacing between lines and paragraphs. Indent the first line of each paragraph.
Use a footer on every page except the first. Put your full name on the left side and the
page number on the right side.
Use a view of 100 percent. Do not make the view larger, smaller or the entire page.
Use a Page Layout view.
Proper word processing skills are a prerequisite for this course. Proper use of
indentation, page breaks and tab markers is expected.
References: Include a reference list whenever appropriate. It is important to identify the sources
of information you use in your work. The reference list should be a separate page at the end
of the document and does not count toward the specified number of pages required. Citations
within the text and the reference list should be in APA style.
Use single spacing between lines and paragraphs.
Each entry should use a hanging indentation.