Omputers in architectureMercedes-Benz Museum in Germany

The aim of the assignment is to examine how practically architects use digital tools to facilitate conception and creativity in architectural design.
Assignment Content:
i · Choose a prominent architect who uses digital technology for design, particularly to facilitate conception and design creativity
i · Choose any of his projects where the role of technology in facilitating conception and creativity is evident
i · Examine the design process and project to find out how technology has been used in the project and how the outcome in terms of architectural design visibly reflects the role of technology as enabler of design creativity

Submission requirement:
Prepare a short report of no more than 6 pages that examines the architect and his
background, the project that was studied and the influence of digital technology on the

Assessment criteria
i · Selection of project with significant digital technology influence in its conception and
i · Ability to explore and explain how digital technology has influenced the project
i · Ability to present a report that appropriately communicates findings