Omputing Mobile Computing and Mobile Computing Security

The topic is Mobile Computing with the area investigated being Security of Mobile Computing.

I would like 6 pages spread over the following 4 sections:

Introduction to Mobile Computing,
Introduction to Mobile Computing Security,
Mobile Computing Security (More detailed),

I have already written a Case Study on WAP section. This will go before the conclusion. Therfore please refrain from detailing in depth a number of security aspects/techniques in the detailed security section.

The assignment spec is below:

The style of the report should be that of a research paper or professional review. It must be interesting and valid. However, you must also be succinct and accurate you will be marked partially on this basis.”

Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate a knowledge of, and working familiarity with, state-of-the-art computing practices

2. Describe emergent technologies at various stages of development

3. Compare and contrast existing and emergent technologies

4. Make informed judgements regarding the directions taken by various aspects of computer systems design and application in the short, medium and long-term future.

a. Evaluate and synthesise from complex, and often contradictory, material sources”