Omputing Research Methodologies (For my freind)

assignment detils :

Module Name : Computing Research Methodologies

Introduction to the Module:

The main aim of this module is to provide students with experience of topic specific research and the analysis and
application of that work in order to carry out a computer science based project in their final year.
The module focuses on the selection of a suitable project and the supporting skills such as: use of relevant
sources of published information; carrying out a literature survey on the subject of the planned project; the
writing of a literature review and project plan; and instruction in appropriate research and analysis methods.
Students will also be instructed in assessing the risk, hazard, ethical and legal considerations of the work to be
undertaken. Students will be required to give a short presentation of their project plans to their peers.

The assessment is : writing a proposal of 2000 words

Chose a project topic and Complete initial draft proposal check list (I have uploaded an example in this message).

Write 2000 words for the proposal

Harvard Reference is required.

Project Topic Suggestions:
1Microprocessor interfacing with a light-detection monitor
2Web/Mobile applications
3manging virtual machines on networks
4cloud computing
5How the Internet has changed public life
6 -Musical downloading
7Network security
Note ( You DO NOT have to chose these topic but they are just a suggestions).

The Deadline for this assignment is on 12 of April 2013.