Omputing security & Computing Forensics

You have to read the articles on the web site links below and follow the instructions:
First article:
Computing security
Hackers outwit online banking identity security systems.
By Spencer Kelly


You should write two separate reports each should be a maximum of 750 words.
The following topics should be covered:
a? Analysis of the situation and results described in the article
a? Analysis of legal issues relevant to the article, for example, laws that should be followed or were breached
a? Recommendation on the process that should be followed by a professional investigating issues mentioned in the article

You must support what you are saying using references. The report must be structured in the following way:
a? Main body of report
a? Bibliography
Each report should be a maximum of 750 words in length, not including title or bibliography pages. Pages in excess of this will not be marked.
The report should be written in the third person.
All parts of the report must be your own work and sources should be fully referenced using the Harvard Referencing style. The usual university regulations on plagiarism apply.