Onald Greenberg s achievement in the field of computer graphics(Term paper Outline)

Hi. This is jiwon who ordered Term paper about computer graphics 1 week ago, and I actually said you that I will give you 2 more my paper which are Outline of Term paper and Term paperthis is one of them. If you need the paper which you gave me before, I can give you that.

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instruction –

-Write about a potential CG application or research project on which you would like to work and which faculty member may be the best match for the project.

-Choose one of the prominent individuals discussed in class and write a more exhaustive review of their contribution to computer graphics. Also include why this person is of interest to you.

-Choose one of the potential directions discussed in class and expound on how you think this will impact society. Will the effect be positive or negative? How might it impact your future career?