Oncept Analysis of the concept of Listening”

I need a 10-15 page paper on the analysis of the concept of Listening.The paper should include all the following:
1. Discussion of concept analysis method being utilized. I have chosen Evolutionary View Concept Analysis method from:
Rodgers, B.L., & Knafl, K.A. (2000). Concept development in nursing. (2nd ed.).
Philadelephia: Saunders Co.
2. Discussion of analysis of the concept and final description. I chose the concept of Listening.
3. Comprehensive discussion of pertinent literature. Use 5 articles peer reviewed journal articles, etc, each from 3 different disciplines. Primary discpline is Nursing, 2nd is Social Science, i.e., Psycology, etc. 3rd is Communication, technology.
4. Discussion of new ideas generated through the concept analysis. What does it mean to listen with our eyes?and other questions.
5. Appropriate APA and paper format