Oncept Mapping and analysis paper: my concept of interest is COMMUNICATION–COMMUNICATE-OR COMMUTICATING

I know that i stated above that the paper is a power point presentation. it is not. I did not see my option above. PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES BELOW:
introduce the concept of communicating or communicate.
review the literature for definitions of communicating or communicate as a concept, clues to definition
determine the defining criteria for the concept
discuss antecedents and potential outcomes for the concept
give real life examples in society of a model case, contrary case, and related case.
identify how well the concept is addressed in the literature. is there a research validation of the concept? are there tools available for measuring the concept as you have defined it?
to address the concept in action approach at the societal level, plan to use not only traditional literature resources, but also newspapers, media news reports, popular magazines, news magazines, reports from meetings, and personal observations. discuss the concept with others. discuss the relevant issues you learn about this concept. consider you concept, at minimum, in terms of the following: ethical issues, legal issues, political issues, patient safety and quality improvement. present actual or potential implications for nursing and or health care relevant to this concept.
paper will be in the form of a narrative paper. TWO pages should be adequate to cover the topic. use one additional page for THE CONCEPT MAPPING OF COMMUNICATION OR COMMUNICATING OR COMMUNICATE. Additional pages can be used as appropriate for references.
APA format
minimum of 5 references within the las 5-6 years from multiple disciplines.
appendix page listings your concept in action approaches(i.e. what tools, approaches you used to follow the concept in society)
Mini presentation:
prepare a one page written outline and your concept map and reference lis to share with fellow students.