Oncept of Governance in Cooperative Insurance Companies

Definition of Insurance

Its Types and Forms
Concept of Security in Islam
How legal are the Islamic Insurance Companies?

a? What are the differences between the traditional insurance companies and Islamic Cooperative Insurance Companies?
a? The factors affecting judgment. Here; there are three topics
a? First topic: Principle of cooperation.
a? Second Topic: Risk.
a? Commercial Intent

a? Concept of Governance in Cooperative Insurance Companies
a? Elements of Governance of Cooperative Insurance Companies:
First: Solvency in Cooperative Insurance Companies:
a? Capital efficiency and adequacy.
a? Effect of applying second solvency agreement.
Capital required for cooperative insurance work and its means of reward.

Second : Sharia supervision on cooperative insurance companies.”
a? Scope of Sharia supervision on cooperative insurance companies and mechanisms of its applications.
a? Assessment of experiments in sharia control for cooperative insurance companies.
a? Sharia auditing by supervisory authorities to cooperative insurance companies.

Insurance Surplus and Deficit
a? Insurance Surplus
a? Disposal of insurance surplus and way of its distribution
a? Controls of insurance surplus calculation
a? Sharia criteria for insurance coverages
a? Stimulation by insurance surplus
a? Insurance deficit and how to cover it.

a? Sharia requirements for drafting insurance documents and contracts.
a? Customer Rights & Obligations (documents, customer service, claimsa¦)
a? Cooperative insurance companies needs of human resources (qualification, training, practice a¦)
a? Information Technology in cooperative insurance.
a? Legal personality of cooperative insurance portfolio and rights and obligations of the portfolio (reinsurance, Board of policyholders).
a? Accounting treatment of different types of cooperative insurance.
a? Miscellaneous
a? What is the Sharia decision regarding compulsory insurance and optional insurance?
a? What is the Sharia decision regarding fabrication of risks in order to get the value of insurance?
a? What is the Sharia decision as to working in traditional insurance companies?

Problems & solutions
a? Practical problems facing cooperative insurance.
a? Proposed Solutions for cooperative insurance problems.