Oncept of Sociological Imagination relating to Nickle and Dimed

You need to relate Barbara Ehrenreich, Nickle and Dimedto what C. Wright Mills means when he writes about the Sociological Imagination. How does the author chose to relate personally level Troubleswith public Issues?How does the author help her or his audience to see a natural-seeming feature of a persons situation as a result of social processes? In what ways does the author succeed in employing and inciting the sociological imagination? Are there ways that the author;s study could be supplemented to paint a more complete picture of social processes, say, from Mary Romero in An Intersection of Biography and History”.

3 sources:

C. Wright Mills, Sociological Imagination”
Barbara Ehrenreich, Nickle and Dimed (majority of paper should compare this source with Mills term Sociological imagination)
Mary Romero, An intersection of Biography of History