ONCEPT PAPER. TOPIC:Earnings Management: The Continuum from Legitimacy to Fraud

revision instructions: under the a?Templatea? customer understands structure of the paper that has been included in the instructions from March. Therefore, revision request cannot be considered as new requirements. Recommendations: revision.

Activity 8
Section 7: Dissertation Concept Paper

Required Reading:
Northcentral University Dissertation Review Form

Assignment 8 Concept Paper Submission
i? Revise and Submit the Concept Paper
At this point in the course, you have revised or added to most sections of the Concept Paper. Your task in this assignment is to revise the entire Concept Paper, making sure it is properly organized, well-written, and in accord with the Concept Paper template. Use the sources you added to your annotated bibliography in Activity 7 to revise all sections to which the new sources are relevant. Include relevant material from Activity 6 in your a?Measurementsa? section. Be sure that:
a? your literature review is sufficiently thorough to support your claim of a gap in the research literature.
a? the gap you have identified is the basis for a feasible, interesting, worthy, and relevant study
a? you describe how the study you propose allows you to address the gap in a way that contributes to theory.
a? your problem and purpose statements and your research questions (and hypotheses) are in the form specified in the Concept Paper template and are aligned
a? your proposed design will allow you to answer your research questions.
a? the document precisely follows the format of the Concept Paper template and APA style.

You will probably revise this document more than once in subsequent courses and your faculty mentor may require revisions prior to grading this activity.

It is recommended that this assignment (Activity #8) be submitted no later than the end of Week 8 or beginning of Week 9. Revisions will likely be necessary based on faculty mentor feedback.

Please save the activity in a word processing file using Northcentralas file naming protocol (e.g., DoeJRSH9104-8.doc) and upload to the course assignment area for review and grading.

Learning Outcomes: 1, 7
Assignment Outcomes
Reflect on, develop, and compose the principal components of a Concept Paper.
Develop a draft dissertation Concept Paper.