Oncepts and principles of emergency management


Note: I hope that all references from Australia if possible also about the situation and the Emergency Laws in Australia.

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” Assessment item 2
Concepts and principles of emergency management

Value: 70%

Length: 5000 words


This assignment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the main concepts and principles of emergency management by defining, explaining and discussing the topics listed in the main body below. Your discussions should be supported by examples drawn from outside your study materials. Simply repeating the explanations and discussions from the study materials will not demonstrate an understanding of the subject.

The following is a suggested layout for this assignment and we suggest you follow it. The weighting for assessment for each section is indicated.
The introduction is worth 10% of your assignment mark.

Aim 5%
Objectives 5%

Marks will be awarded for clearly stating the aim of the assignment and identifying the objectives.

The following key areas are covered in the subject and must be addressed as part of your assignment.
Main body
The main body is worth 80% of your assignment mark.

What are emergencies/disasters? 10%
The effects of emergencies and why emergency management 10%
A framework for emergency management 10%
Emergency prevention 10%
The prepared community 10%
Command control and coordination 10%
The human factor 10%
Emergency legislation 10%


The conclusion is worth 10% of your assignment mark.

Draw major issues from your discussions which have an impact on Emergency Management.

Please utilise the marking matrix provided for your assignment structure.

In your first assignment you examined one emergency event. In Assessment 2, rather than looking at a specific emergency event you are now required to reflect on the various aspects of emergency management that you studied throughout the subject. You should be able to use the underlying basic concepts and principles of emergency management to discuss the relevance and importance of each of the listed topics in the emergency management big picture.

By fully understanding the concepts and principles of emergency management and how they relate to the topics studied, you will be better able to develop and implement effective emergency management strategies.