Oncepts and Principles of International Management

please find instructions bellow , not sure about the number of sources , so go ahead and use as much you would think is appropriate. Please take a look on the example assignment , thats how this assignment should be done and you should use similar resources etc… the case study is Circus de Solei .. let me know if you need anything. thank you .

Oncepts and Principles of International Management

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Added on 16.01.2015 17:13
Dear writer ,

thank you so much for the revision , however the recommendation section has to be changed as the lecturer changed the instructions a bit ..


You have to follow the scanned handout , In the scanned handout youLl find starting on the page no.113, 3 steps which you have to follow when writing the recommendation ( and conclusion ? ) , please see the second file which is the example assignment which should show how it should be done and in the third file you will find the actual paper after some of my changes.

1. First file there will be a material on which it should be based , the scanned handout , unfortunately itS too big so please download it from this cloud just click on the yellow STAHNOUT ZASILKU button in the middle of the page , thank you !

2.Second file as a example assignment which you can follow were closely and it could be quite similar .

3.Third file the new version of the order I made a some changes based on the feedback from the lecturer .

Hope it makes sense.. If anything please let me know . Thank you , I appreciate your help and the great job youVe done so far.

Kind regards.