Oncepts in mental Health: Consensus and Controversies. Humanism

Here is the assignment brief as in the module handbook. please contact me if you need any additional information

Assessment tasks

The assignment is a 3000 word essay based on one concept.

a? An introduction setting out your objectives for the assignment

a? Main body including:

a? The definition of the concept (and any sub-concepts if relevant) and what the concept has to say about the nature of people or their health

a? The origins and historical significance of the concept

a? The research; particularly seminal work which is relevant to the concept

a? Why this may be relevant to working with people with mental health care

a? The conclusion should highlight how this concept would be relevant to you as a mental health nurse (This should be a personal reflection)

In addition: (Tips)

It is unlikely that you can cover all aspects of your theory, so identify an aspect of that theory to focus on.

You should be mindful of the requirements of level two work and to demonstrate an analytical approach rather than just a description of the theory. This means using a range of literature to a?illuminatea your work. Literature should not be used to plug gaps or introduce a different subject. I would expect at least 15 reference sources including up to date journal articles.