Oncepts of truth and reality in photography

hi, coming back for the research. I will attach the requirement and research proposal after. Please clearly read through the requirement and no need to strictly follow the proposal, as long as it can have a better score and tie with the topic closely! Thank you!

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here is the requirements and research proposal that you wrote before! Thank you

Oncepts of truth and reality in photography

My mother language is Chinese. And through this topic, i want to focus on how China treat truth and reality. just like a famous photographer called Yong Xu and his famous work about Tiananmen Square i??Negativesi??. The New York Times had a argue about yongs work as AN ART BOOK OR A PROTEST? Just giving you a brief idea of what i want to talk about! thank you !

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Here is a photocopy of the requirement of this paper. It is just a research proposal for now, and i will come back for the research paper soon.

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I just saw the proposal sample on this website. I dont think i need to be that careful. So if it is possible, please just follow the instruction in the attachment. thank you!